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Student Union and Event Services is an integral department within the Division of Student Life and Enrollment. Comprised of two different areas, Event Services and Building Operations, the Student Union and Event Services department is responsible for the management of the Student Union facility and provides program support, services, facilities and amenities for students, faculty, staff alumni and guests.

Our Mission

The Student Union and Event Services department aims to deliver an array of cultural, educational, social, and recreational programs, services and facilities to bolster the educational mission of the University of Connecticut and the development of the student body as lifelong learners.

Core Values

Safety and Access

Provide a safe, accessible, and welcoming environment for the campus community within the Student Union as well as outdoor satellite facilities.

Student Engagement 

Promote student engagement, leadership, learning, and success by supporting opportunities for participation and involvement in a diverse array of programs, activities and employment.

Customer Service 

Provide exceptional customer service and logistical support to our campus partners operating in the Student Union and assist patrons with excellent event service support including room reservations, event planning and event production.

Dynamic Facilities, Spaces, and Services 

Offer amenities to enhance campus life including dining options, recreational activities, meeting rooms, and community lounges.