Student Union in the Fall

Floor Plans

Located on the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut, the Student Union serves as the central hub for students, staff, faculty and guests.  The 250,000 square foot building, located at 2110 Hillside Road, has four floors encompassing meeting rooms, departmental offices, food options and more! Check out the floor maps below to find where you want to go.

First Floor

Floor Map - First Floor
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1 Food Court
2 Doug Bernstein Game Room
3 Meeting Room
4 Student Union Offices
5A South Lobby
5B North Lobby
6 Student Lounges
7 Student Lounges
8 Meeting Room
9 Terrace
10 ODI Commons
11 Student Union Theatre

Second Floor

Floor Map Floor 2
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12 One Card Office
13 Veteran's Oasis
14 C-Store
15A Information Center
15B Community Police Office
16 Dunkin'
17 Meeting Room
18A & B Student Organizations
19 Community Outreach


Third Floor

Floor Map Flor 3
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20 Meeting Rooms
21 Dining Innovation Lab
22 Ballroom
23 Student Activities & Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development
24 Meeting Rooms
25 Theatre Balcony

Fourth Floor

Floor 4 Floor Map
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26 Asian American Cultural Center
27 Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center
28 Women's Center
29 Meeting Room
30 Student Organizations
31 Office
33 Meeting Room
34 Rainbow Center