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Audio Visual Services

The Audio/Visual Department is responsible for providing technological support for meetings and events within the Student Union. This includes projectors, laptops, microphones, lighting and sound mixing equipment.

The Student Union utilizes equipment which connects via HDMI or VGA. If your laptop or smart device does not use either of these connections, you will need to procure an appropriate adapter. Please be aware, we do not carry or offer any type of adapters. Mac users in particular are advised to check their connection type, as Apple employs multiple non-standard or proprietary connectors.

Audio Visual Services

Equipment Reservations

All conference rooms at the Student Union are equipped with large flat panel HD displays and wireless screen sharing systems. We also offer portable video conferencing equipment, podiums, sound systems, lighting systems, and presentation aids. You can request any A/V equipment that you need through your room reservation request.

On-Site Event Production

The Student Union features a Theatre, Ballroom, and multi-use event space, room 304. The Theatre and Ballroom feature large screen projection formats, premium sound systems, ADA height-adjustable podiums, and wireless microphones. Room 304 features 90”+ flat panel displays, installed sound system, podiums and wireless microphones. We also offer portable audio visual systems for programs held in other university event locations.

For scheduling purposes, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks lead time for events. Also please note that the Student Union Audio Visual staff is unable to provide support in the setup, operation, or troubleshooting of audio visual equipment we do not own

Technical Support

The Student Union provides technical support to customers utilizing our audio visual equipment. Customers experiencing an issue or needing assistance in with A/V equipment in a reserved Student Union Space may call the Information Center at 860-486-1140 and a technician will be deployed to your location.

Please be aware that only Student Union staff are authorized to operate A/V equipment. The use of equipment without approval may lead to damages and is also a violation of your usage agreement. Charges for the repair or replacement of lost or damaged equipment will be automatically billed to the sponsoring department or organization.

Users in the Division of Student Affairs who require audio visual assistance at their site may open a ticket with SAIT by sending an email to sait@uconn.edu and audio visual staff will reach out to assist.

Due to liability reasons, the Student Union Audio Visual staff are unable to provide support for equipment we do not own. For users experiencing IT issues relating to customer supplied laptops and/or software, we recommend contacting your delegated system administrator.

Hours of Support

Technical support is available Monday-Friday from 8am-10pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 10am-10pm during the Fall and Spring semesters.

System Design, Integration and Consultation Services

A/V Services offers assistance to users in the Division of Student Affairs who require aid in the following:

  • Audio visual system design
  • 3rd party vendor reviews
  • Project management
  • Small-medium sized integrations
  • General consultation.

For more information, please contact Jim Wheeler at jim.wheeler@uconn.edu.


Why do I need an adapter for my Mac?

Nearly all electronic manufacturers have adopted HDMI as the standard interface used to transmit audio and video. While there are some models that do utilize HDMI, Apple has also elected to use a royalty-free interface called Display Port, or their own proprietary interface (Thunderbolt, Lightning). If you have one of those models, an adapter is needed to convert the signal to HDMI or VGA.

Why do you not provide adapters?

By offering equipment for customer use, there’s an implied guarantee of functionality to the user. Since HDMI is the de facto audio/visual electronics interface, there is no set standard for how compatibility information should be communicated when a third-party adapter is used. Additionally, certain conditions can alter a Mac’s display settings, often unbeknownst to the user. These settings can break HDCP compatibility, which also causes display issues. This ultimately creates an unreliable user experience, which falls below the standards our customers expect.

Why can you not provide support on my personal laptop?

Due to liability reasons, we are unable to provide support of any kind for equipment we do not own. This includes customer supplied laptops, which are assumed to have confidential or sensitive information on them. If you are experiencing issues with your laptop or software, please contact your system administrator.

How can I arrive to my event prepared?

These tips will help us provide you with running your event as smoothly as possible:

  • Give us much detail as you can
  • Rehearse your program if you’re able.
  • Time it; note any scenes or transitions that made need special attention.
  • Provide an agenda or order of events for tech running your event to follow. i.e. – what music to play, what source it’s playing from, when it plays, etc.
  • If possible, have a member of your organization dedicated to assisting the tech run your event.
  • Arrive on time, and be prepared to test all A/V. The more time we have to ensure everything is working the way you like it, the smoother your program will be.
  • Try to simplify as much of your A/V needs as possible. Are you playing music from a Youtube video, then an iPod, then a CD, then your Droid? Put everything all on one device, in the order you want it played.
  • Make sure the volumes from all the songs you want played are the same.
  • Be aware of exactly how long you have access to the technician working.

What is feedback and how can I avoid it from happening?

Microphones collect sound, which is then transmitted through a speaker system. Feedback occurs when the sound coming from a speaker gets picked back up by the microphone, creating a loop. This can be avoided by adhering to the following microphone techniques:

  • Hold the mic close to your mouth.
  • Don’t speak quietly.
  • Avoid pointing the microphone at speakers.

Can you help me if my computer isn’t working?

If you are using one of our laptops, our technicians are able to provide a basic level of support. This includes system settings, login information, and connectivity issues. User accounts and software assistance is beyond our scope. Due to liability reasons, we are unable to provide any kind of support for customer provided laptops.

What if I reserve equipment and do not use it?

If you are an organization that incurs charges, you will be charged for equipment regardless if you use it or not, as this removes the resource from inventory and prevents others from using it.

I have an event and expect it to be loud. Can I host it in the Union?

We cannot turn up the volume of your program to a level where it distracts the group next to you. Additionally, meeting rooms are dedicated to meetings and are not appropriate spaces for anything significant in size or sound volume. 304, the Ballrooms, the Theatre, or the Lobbies are more appropriate spaces for these types of events.

The University is closed due to inclement weather, is the Union still open/will my event still take place with A/V?

If the University closes during inclement weather, all programs using the Ballroom, Theater, 104, 304’s, and North and South Lobbies are canceled. Any other event using a meeting room is available “as is”, and will not have access to any A/V support.

Portable Lighting

Equipment Student Department Affiliate Non-Affiliate
Up Lighting System
Consists of 4 portable lighting fixtures with programmable colors
$25 $50 $75 $100
DJ Lighting System
Consists of stands & smart lights (Includes Student Technician)
$75 $100 $200 $250

Rooms with A/V Built In

A/V Packages Student Department Affiliate Non-Affiliate
SU Theatre System
Includes CD player, DVD
player, podium, podium mic, wireless handheld mic, lapel mic, over the ear mic, projector, screen, Internet, and associated cables (Includes Student Technician)
$25/hour $50/hour $75/hour $100/hour
Recording (Theatre)
1 copy of the recording on a flash drive (This is not live streaming of the event)
$25 $50 $75 $100
SU Ballroom (330/331)System
Price is for 330, 331, or both combined. Includes podium, podium mic, wireless handheld mic, lapel mic, projector, screen, Internet, and associated cables (Includes Student Technician)
$25/hour $50/hour $75/hour $100/hour
SU Findell Room Teleconferencing (324) $25/hour $50/hour $75/hour $100/hour
SU 304 A/B/C System
Price is for A, B, C, or combined. Includes podium, podium microphone or one wireless microphone, projector, screen, Internet, MP3/iPod input and associated cables
No Charge $50 $75 $100

Presentation Aids

Equipment Student Department Affiliate Non-Affiliate
PowerPoint Presenter/Laser Pointer No Charge No Charge $25 $50
Floor Podium
No Microphone
No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Tabletop Podium
No Microphone
No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Wheelchair-Accessible Podium
No Microphone
No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Assisted-Listening Headsets
Theatre, Ballroom, and 304 only
No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Flip Chart Paper with Markers $50 $50 $50 $50
Easel No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Lockout Buzzer System No Charge $50 $50 $75
Music Stands
No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge

A/V Equipment Pricing

Audio Amplification

Equipment Student Department Affiliate Non-Affiliate
Large Sound System: 300–500 People or Outdoor Events
Includes 2 speakers and subwoofers, mixing board, wireless handheld microphone, wireless lapel microphone, 3 wired microphones, 4 DI boxes, CD player, and all necessary cables (Includes Student Technician)
$75/hour $100/hour $125/hour $150/hour
Medium Sound System: 100–300 people
Includes 2 satellite speakers,
mixing board, wireless handheld microphone, wireless lapel microphone, 3 wired microphones, 2 DI boxes, CD player, and all necessary cables (Includes Student Technician)
$50/hour $75/hour $100/hour $125/hour
Small Sound System: 25–100 people
Includes 2 speakers, 1 microphone and all necessary cables
No Charge No Charge $25 $50
Stage Monitor for Portable Systems $25 $50 $50 $75
CD Player No Charge No Charge $25 $50
Boom Box No Charge No Charge $25 $50
Wireless Handheld Microphone $10 $25 $50 $75
Wireless Lapel Microphone $10 $25 $50 $75
Catch Box Microphone (in place of lapel) $10 $25 $50 $75
Studio Microphone $25 $50 $50 $75
Tabletop Microphone (Boundary) $10 $25 $50 $75
Meeting Speakerphone (Polycom)
Requires $100 phone activation fee and all charges associated; and 10 business-day notification
$25 $50 $75 $100
Media Press Feed/Mult Box No Charge $25 $25 $50
Internet Conferencing
For computer communications such as “Skype” (Laptop NOT included and software NOT supported)
$25 $65 $90 $115

Video-Computer Display-Projection

Equipment Student Department Affiliate Non-Affiliate
Projector or LED TV (built-in) No Charge $50 $75 $100
Laptop (PC)
Includes PowerPoint presenter/laser
pointer, mouse, and mouse pad
No Charge $50 $75 $100
Projection Screen (5’ x 7’) No Charge $25 $50 $75
VR Gaming System No Charge No Charge N/A N/A
50" LED TV (portable) No Charge $50 $75 $100