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Ballroom 331 & 330 (1)

SU Ballroom


 SU Theatre B

SU Theatre



The Findell Room, SU 324


SU 304B

SU 304

 Art Gallery SU 310

SU 310

SU 104 Clear

SU 104


SU Meeting Spaces

SU 106ASU 221SU 303SU 312SU 316 & 317SU 318 & 319SU 320SU 321SU 322SU 325SU 410SU 416A

Lobby North

SU North & South Lobbies


Indoor Tabling

 Doug Bernstein Game Room

Doug Bernstien Gameroom


Outdoor Guidelines Fairfield Way Fairfield Way               
 SU Terrace  Terrace

Event and Meeting Spaces Bookable through SU (Student Organizations Only)


                                                                   Rome Ballroom Rome Ballroom
A view of the Classroom Building Classrooms  View Rooms
ResLife Residential Life Spaces
 Wilbur Cross N. Reading Room Wilbur Cross North Reading Room
An interior view of the Hawley Armory. Hawley Armory