Trick or Treat at the U

First Floor

Union Street Market

Subway, Room 113

Doug Berstein Game Room, Room 109

Student Union Administrative Offices, Room 106
[Enter through marked door by the Game Room]

ODI Commons, Room 103

Student Activities Pumpkin Fest, SU Terrace (weather permitting)

Second Floor

One Card Office, Room 228

Community Police, Room 229A

Veterans Oasis, Room 224

Convenience Store, Room 223

USG, Room 219

HuskyTHON, Room 216

Community Outreach, Room 203

Third Floor

Student Activities Financial &
Program Support, Room 314

SUBOG, Room 308

Student Activities Trustee Student Org. Support &
Leadership & Org. Development, Room 302

Fourth Floor

Puerto/Rican Latin American
Cultural Center, Room 438

Asian American Cultural Center, Room 424

Women’s Center, Room 421

WHUS, Room 412

UCTV, Room 409

African American Cultural Center, Room 407

Rainbow Center, Room 403