Student Union Policy Council

What is Policy Council?

The Student Union Policy Council is a board that consists of student representatives from student organizations that are housed within the Student Union or represents large groups of students. This council consists of 18 voting members and 3 non-voting members. For a list of representative please look at the Meet the Council Members section.

The Policy Council meets bi-weekly.

Policy Council also holds open door town hall style meetings once a month, which lets students that utilize the union to come and voice out any concerns they may have in regards to the Student Union.

What Policy Council Does

The Policy Council represents the voice of the student body in how to create a stronger Student Union that is beneficial to all the students on campus. One of the responsibilities of the council is Priority Access.  More information on Priority Access can be found under Event Planning Tools.



Contact Information
Vice President for Policy: Christian Spaar
List of Policy Council Representatives