Policy Council Representative Organizations

(As stated in Policy Council Constitution)

d. A seat will be reserved on Student Union Policy Council for a representative of the following organizations or constituencies and shall be members with both speaking and voting privileges:

i. President of Student Union Board of Governors (or designee)
ii. Undergraduate Student Government
iii. Undergraduate Commuter Student
iv. Graduate Student Senate
v. African American Cultural Center
vi. Asian American Cultural Center
vii. Puerto Rican and Latin American Cultural Center
viii. Women’s Center
ix. Rainbow Center
x. International Center
xi. Native American Cultural Society
xii. University Senate
xiii. Alumni
xiv. OFSL
xv. UCTV
xvi. WHUS
xvii. Student Union Senior Building Manager
xviii. UConn PIRG
xix. Nutmeg Yearbook
xx. Club Sports Council
xxi. Student Organization Ex-officio
xxii. Student Organization Ex-officio

e. One representative from the following organization or constituencies shall be members with speaking but not voting privileges:

xxiii. Student Union Staff Member
xxiv. Vice Chair of Policy Council
xxv. Secretary of Policy Council